Our Mission

Mission & Vision

The Bee Boisseau Corporation is a nonprofit organization whose focuses are Mental Health Awareness, Underprivileged and Minority Youth, Fine Arts Industry, and Education. It is our goal to remove the negative stigma surrounding mental illness through entertaining & educational programming, to provide affordable fine arts education to underprivileged and minority youth, and to nurture and develop the next generation of arts industry professionals. We strive to produce engaging & enriching events, products, and services with the hopes of producing lasting effects in our world.


Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues have become negatively stigmatized in many cultures and within society at large.  Through informative yet entertaining programming, our goal is to increase mental health awareness within families, communities, and industries. We strive to remove the negative stigma from mental illness and to make resources like support groups & mental health professionals more accessible to the underprivileged.  


Underprivileged & Minority Youth

As a result of understaffed and unequipped school systems, access to mental health and fine arts professional training are often disproportionately unavailable to the poor and minority youth. Our goal is to address this issue through strategic partnerships with various local & national mental health professionals who specialize in youth, young adult, and family counseling. 


Fine Arts Industry

As the relationship between creative and art consumer continues to evolve, many new and exciting roles have emerged in the fine arts industries. Through informative and educational forums, workshops, and classes we intend to empower the next generation of fine arts professionals to be successful in the world to come. Our goal is to produce professionals with a firm grasp on their industry’s inner workings.



In a global age of technology, information, and intellectual property, education has become more important than ever. We intend to promote & reward scholastic excellence through student scholarship and charitable donations. Our goal is to assist those with a desire to further their education in the areas of technology, fine arts, & those with an interest in mental health counseling.